Halo Wars Guide

This guide will tell you how to get the achievements in Microsoft's new game for Xbox 360: Halo Wars

We are working on finishing this guide with screenshots and HD video of all skulls, boxes and tactics. This is still work in progress.

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Halo Wars: Finding all the skulls & Blackboxes

Finding all the Skulls in Halo Wars took us a while to figure out. The trick is really simple though. Basically you have to do the optional objective in each mission, which is about killing a specific number of an enemy unit type. After doing that, a location on the mini-map will flash shortly - keep an eye on this, as this is where you will find the skull.

Click the images to see them in a larger version.

Skullname: Look Daddy! (Mission 1: Alpha Base)

Kill 100 grunts.
Halo Wars - Mission 1 Blackbox Halo Wars - Mission 1 Skull

Skullname: Grunt Birthday Party (Mission 2: Relic Approach)

Kill 20 Jackals
Halo Wars - Mission 2 Blackbox Halo Wars - Mission 2 Skull

Skullname: Cowbell (Mission 3: Relic Interior)

Kill 45 Hunters
Halo Wars - Mission 3 Blackbox Halo Wars - Mission 3 Skull

Skullname: Wuv Woo (Mission 4: Arcadia City)

Kill 50 Elites
Halo Wars - Mission 4 Blackbox Halo Wars - Mission 4 Skull
Halo Wars - Mission 4 Adam<-- The picture to the left shows where to find Adam.

Basically, open the console right next to the black box, and Adam will come running.

Skullname: Fog (Mission 5: Arcadia Outskirts)

Kill 5 Wraiths
Halo Wars - Mission 5 Blackbox Halo Wars - Mission 5 Skull

Skullname: Sickness (Mission 6: Dome of Light)

Kill 50 Banshees
Halo Wars - Mission 6 Blackbox Halo Wars - Mission 6 Skull

Skullname: Rebel Sympathizer (Mission 7: Scarab)

Kill 10 Locusts
Halo Wars - Mission 7 Blackbox Halo Wars - Mission 7 Skull

Skullname: Rebel Supporter (Mission 8: Anders' Signal)

Kill 750 Infection Forms
Halo Wars - Mission 8 Blackbox Halo Wars - Mission 8 Skull

Skullname: Rebel Leader (Mission 9: The Flood)

Kill 20 Flood Stalks
Halo Wars - Mission 9 Blackbox Halo Wars - Mission 9 Skull

Skullname: Catch (Mission 10: Shield World)

Kill 350 Swarms
Halo Wars - Mission 10 Blackbox Halo Wars - Mission 10 Skull

Skullname: Sugar Cookies (Mission 11: Cleansing)

Kill 100 Sentinels
Halo Wars - Mission 11 Blackbox Halo Wars - Mission 11 Skull

Skullname: Boomstick (Mission 12: Repairs)

Kill 12 Spirit Transports
Halo Wars - Mission 12 Blackbox Halo Wars - Mission 12 Skull

Skullname: Pain Train (Mission 13: Beachhead)

Kill 10 Bomber Forms

Skullname: Bountiful Harvest (Mission 14: Reactor)

Kill 20 Vampires

Skullname: Emperor (Mission 15: Escape)

Kill 3 Scarabs

Halo Wars achievement guide


Complete the entire campaign in Co-op mode.

Thinkin' about My Doorbell (5 GP)

Mission 15: Opened the Doors in order To unlock this Achievement, you have to open the Doors in the correct order. The correct order is:
1. The Door just north of your starting Base
2. The Door directly opposite Door 1
3. The Door to the East of Door 1
4. The Door directly opposite Door 3
5. The Door north of Door 3.
6. The Door directly opposite Door 5

Alas, Poor Andrew Thomas (5 GP)

Just collect a single Skull in any of the missions.
Read more about how to find the Skulls under the Graverobber Achievement.

Graverobber (30 GP)

Collected all skulls

There is a skull in each mission. In order to collect a skull, you have to complete the optional mission, which is about killing a specific number of an enemy unit type. After doing that, a location on the mini-map will flash shortly - keep an eye on this, as this is where you will find the skull.

See pictures above for the exact skull locations.

Running the Show (50 GP)

Obtained the General rank on Xbox LIVE

To reach the General rank, you have to score a total of 3,2 million points in online matches. Here is a list of all the ranks in Halo Wars:

Recruit 0 points (You get this after playing one time over Xbox Live)
Lieutenant 80,000 points
Captain 200,000 points
Major 400,000 points
Commander 800,000 points
Colonel 1,600,000 points
Brigadier 2,400,000 points
General 3,200,000 points

Covenant "Hot Drop" (5 GP)

Mission 3: Killed at least 5 Covenant Units with the Bridge

When you are returning with Forge and Anders, you cross the Bridge to the east. After all your units have crossed the bridge, wait until the Covenant Units are on the middle of the Bridge, and then use the console below the Bridge to deactivate it. If you do not kill 5 Covenant Units on your first attempt, just turn the Bridge back on, and wait for more Covenant Units to step onto the Bridge.

Battened Down the Hatches (5 GP)

Mission 11: Saved all the Airlocks

In this mission, no Airlock must be destroyed. This achievement can be quite difficult on the harder levels, so it is recommended to do this on either Easy or Medium difficulty. In order to prevent the Airlocks from being destroyed, you should build Towers around them. When an Airlock gets damaged, use your healing power to regenerate its health points.

Rhino Hugger (5 GP)

Mission 6: Successfully protected every Rhino

As soon as you deploy a Rhino, do not let the Covenant destroy it. This one is pretty easy. It is actually only the first and the second Rhino which are at risk.

  • Walk-Off Winner
  • No Way Home?
  • Didn't Get To Second Base
  • Beaming with Pride
  • Handy with Tools
  • Ugly is only Skin Deep
  • The Procrastinator
  • Sweet Naptime
  • Ramblin' Man
  • Key to Pirth
  • Micro Manager
  • He's Got The Jack
  • Crushed Colors
  • The Real Winner
  • Ice Warriors
  • Endless Fun
  • Everything's Better with Bacon
  • Backscratcher
  • Momma's Boy
  • Meet Sergeant Forge
  • Adjudicate the Arbiter
  • Detour the Great Journey
  • Finish all missions under Par Time on Heroic difficulty
  • Own Worst Enemy
  • Wall of Recognition
  • Epic Grinder
  • Playin' the Field
  • Gallivant around the Galaxy
  • Empire Builder
  • Titan
  • Big Al's Scooter
  • My Virtual Friends Love Me
  • 2 Bugs are Better Than 1
  • Penny Pincher
  • N00b n0 M0r3
  • So Lonely at the Top
  • Basically Naive
  • Officer on Deck
  • Halo Academic
  • Halo Historian
  • Ready for the Sequel
  • 24 Hours of Quality
  • Halo Wars